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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 2013The Imaging & Digital Entertainment Asociation Ltd (formerly Photo Imaging Council Australia Ltd) (ABN: 91 002 962 754) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information collected.

This Policy applies equally to :

  • collection – personal information is only collected to ensure entry to relevant events and subsequent contact by event organisers, exhibitors or arrangement of travel and accommodation; such information will only be collected lawfully and by fair means.
  • use and disclosure – information will only be used to ensure entry to events and subsequent contact by the event organisers, exhibitors or organisation of travel and accommodation , unless otherwise requested by the registrant.
  • data quality – we will ensure any data collected will be accurate, complete and current.
  • data security – we will protect data from misuse, loss or unauthorised use.
  • openness – the type of information collected is available to anyone who may be involved.
  • access and correction – we encourage personal information to be updated and any information collected to be available to the individual concerned.
  • identifiers – no Commonwealth or State identifiers are used as the primary means of identification.
  • anonymity – it is impracticable for individuals to remain anonymous to facilitate their entry to events or organisation of travel and accommodation however every attempt will be made to ensure anonymity, where applicable.
  • transborder data flows – no information will be transferred internationally unless absolutely necessary for entry to an event in that country or organisation of travel and accommodation.
  • sensitive information – sensitive information is not normally collected and it will not be collected unless specifically agreed to by the relevant individual.

Any person wishing to make a complaint regarding the privacy of information should contact the Privacy Officer at the Imaging & Digital Entertainment Association Ltd.
Privacy Policy