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About IDEA Australia

What is IDEA Australia?

IDEA Australia is a national Not-For-Profit association of companies actively involved in importing, manufacturing and distributing technology and digital lifestyle products. Our objective is to grow the market for all through education, marketing, lobbying and promotion. IDEA continually examines ways in which companies in competition with each other can work together for the benefit of the industry as a whole. (ABN: 91 002 962 754)

How often does IDEA Australia meet?

The Executive Board of IDEA Australia and the membership meets three times each year.  Generally, two meetings are held in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Additionally there is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all members and special guests.

What does IDEA do?

INDUSTRY PROMOTION: IDEA Australia is always looking for opportunities to promote technology as part of the Australian way of life. Past activities include sponsoring exhibitions, producing a video and running television campaigns. IDEA is also the founder of a series of regular industry shows which promote technology to consumers and professionals.

LOBBYING: IDEA Australia lobbies Government on State and Federal levels on issues concerning the distribution of imaging, digital, video and audio visual equipment. Past and current lobbying activity covers import tariffs, copyright, sales tax rates, the rights to sell duty free and a review of the duty and sales tax on private imports. Usually, the industry retains top professional lobbyists to represent its interests.

INDUSTRY STATISTICS: IDEA Australia retains an independent bureau, Informark Pty Ltd, to compile statistical sales information on an anonymous basis. A monthly media monitor covering a wide variety of equipment and accessories is distributed each month to the scheme providers. Special industry surveys are also conducted from time to time.

How is IDEA funded and administered?

IDEA Australia is financed through activities within the technology industry. Monies raised are invested back into the market. A management board meets to execute the wishes of the membership. Membership fees are $500 per annum plus a $350 joining fee – plus GST.

How do I join IDEA?

Please direct membership enquiries to info@ideaaustralia.com


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